RWD, or responsive web design is a popular trend, and a worthwhile discipline as far as today’s design industry goes. It is not possible for a design to spread attractively across 4 or 5 pre-determined view ports. Because of the increase of mobile browsing use, websites need a strategy for mobile web design( to be successful. Research shows RWD is the most cost-effective option.

Like the name implies, RWD means the design answers to the user’s view port, operating system, and device they use, and it can adapt to any screen resolution. One component of RWD is fluid 80713b800aeef5661a23f643a4218c54grids, which structures content lacking a set width to fit the screen. Another component of RWD is media query, which regulates how certain qualities such as screen width and height apply to the media attribute. A third feature is flexible images, which adjusts media content to fit screen size on a mobile device. This is beneficial since most user don’t like redirects, that may make downloading an app harder if it doesn’t fit the screen.

Business owners know you need a website in the markets today. There is some confusion about what their website is to do for them. Many have a Field of Dreams attitude of “Build it, they will come”.

A B2B website is designed for a single purpose says an edmonton company. To get customers to your business. Though there are many reasons it is failing at this job; these are a few major ones to consider.

Are You Marketing Your Website?

For your website to produce any real value, you will have to market it. With new sites going up each day it will get lost in the shuffle. Like finding a certain single grain of sand on the beach.

Your customers may just stumble across your site. It happens. It is better to market your site to ensure your customers find it. This doesn’t have to dig deep into your budget; but, there has to be some marketing.

Does Your Website Look Modern?

If your website looks like a left over from the 1990’s it needs an overhaul. Customers will usually take around 1/20 of a second to decide if they like the look of your site. At least enough to continue further.

Your site needs to be eye catching with high quality images, graphics, and content. Long gone are the days of having a “generic” website.

Do you have every square inch filled with something? Studies have proven less is more. Your customer is interested in what you can do for them. Ads and widgets cluttering the site won’t make your customers happy. Simple is better when it comes to websites today.

Is your website responsive? If you look at your website on your phone or tablet and want to run, so will your customers. Almost 60 % of your traffic is now coming from mobile devices. Your site needs to be up to the task.  To get a good looking and responsive site, you must get excellent edmonton web design services from a competent firm.

Where, Oh Where, Has My Website Gone?

Can your customers find your site? There are four main channels your customers will use to find you. Search, Referral, Direct, and Social Media.

To get better search results, you need a few things on your site. Great content about your business. This can be articles, info-graphics, or pictures. Your about page needs to have the proper keywords as well as a great description of what you can do for your customer.

Claim your business in all the listing services. The main Players are Google My business, Yahoo Local, and Bing Places. Point these all back to your website. There are many others too, just search for your business name and claim it where you find it.

Fresh and interesting content needs to be added on a regular basis. All these will contribute to your search engine traffic. It is not instant, but can lead to a higher search engine ranking and more traffic.

Your website domain on your business cards and flyers will work wonders too. This along with a media push focusing on your website can increase referral traffic. Get some local news coverage of your new B2B website.

Press releases are also a good tool to use to announce your website to the world. Getting an interview on a business site will also help increase traffic. Giving your customers an incentive to refer is a good option too.

The best way for increasing direct traffic is to have a domain name people will remember. It can be your business name or what you do as the domain name. Keep it short and sweet and don’t use any weird characters.

You should choose one or two social networks to communicate with your customers. Any more would be overkill and much harder to manage. These are a great place to share your new content with your customers.bc0fa55be4c2396a4b9fcda6f1116971

Create a newsletter and send out tips, sales, or other information to your customers. This keeps your business in the front of their mind. It is also much more cost effective than ad space.

All these will increase traffic to your website which means more customers. They are not too technical and easy to put in place. The difference in traffic is where the pay off is.

Too Many Buttons

Is your website easy to navigate? Are there menus upon menus to find what you are looking for? Once you get there, can you find your way back? These are all valid considerations your customers will look at.

Studies have shown people will scroll through a long page rather than click to get to other pages. Breadcrumbs are also a great feature to find your way back. If you are not sure what these are, look at Amazon and see the links listed across the top of the page.

Mobile is where it is at now. Search engines will rate you on how well your site does with mobile traffic. A poor score will send you to the bottom of the results. Your customers will score you by not coming back.

Hidden menus are what you want to look into to optimize your website. Customers love them and it cleans up the page. Any competent web programmer can put them on your site easily.

Will It Ever Load

Does it take more than a couple of seconds for your site to load? If so, customers are fickle and won’t wait. Search engines will lower your scores for a slow loading site. Either way you lose traffic with a slow loading site.

This is something you will need technical help to determine the solution. It can be the site, the hosting, or other issues. It is something you need to address though.

Put Your Site To Work

Your website should be working 24/7/365 to bring in new business. It should work as hard as you do. These simple things can either make or break your website. Now that you have built it, you need to make sure they will come.

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Did you know that a mouse can indicate whether a website has a good or bad design? According to Professor Jeffrey Jenkins is of the opinion that an analysis of cursor movements can be used to detect a person’s feelings about a website.

The young professor at Brigham University published his and his research partners’ findings in the MIS Quarterly. The findings were derived from three case studies and they concluded that cursor movements which are erratic and imprecise could indicate frustration, confusion, anger or sadness.

Using the Attention Control Theory as a framework, the researchers argue that a decrease in the ability to control one’s attention is as a result negative emotion. Jenkins wanted to answer the question as to whether negative emotion actually affects cursor movement in terms of distance and speed, and whether analyzing this movement can infer negative emotion. The studies they conducted used a SAM scale and other metrics which sense how users interact with websites.

According to Jenkins, it has been difficult to know when users become frustrated and not go back to a site. However, this can be made possible if negative emotion could be sensed. This way, website experience could be adjusted to offer help and even eliminate stress. Using such sensing technologies will help website owners offer the best experience to their audiences and keep them going back.

10 Best Design recently awarded the best web design firms in 2015. Among the top awarded firms is Big Drop Inc. which came in the top position. The company, which is located in New York City, is a marketing agency that has earned a very good reputation for itself. It is known for its fresh designs and marketing brands. They are also experts in coding and scripting.

Closely behind Big Drop Inc. is Blue Fountain Media, a top website development firm in New York City. Their internet marketing team has the goal of developing impressive and responsive website designs. The professionals are well-versed with numerous programming languages and they are pros when it comes to Linux and Apache.a0f4a569c2a1bb444db0b961b68f5002

Following these top two firms is Maxburst, a top website design company located in Farmingdale, New York. The firm is dedicated to digital marketing and they are success-oriented. They are known for their modern and memorable images which are not easy to miss.
Other firms that made it to the top include Old City Press, Dotcomweavers, EIGHT25MEDIA, SocialFix, Kohactive, Forix Web Design and Inflection Interactive.

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The most important piece of property a startup can have is a well designed website. Two choices startups have when it comes to website design: free or professional. Which one you choose will determine your online presence.

Your website will be your storefront, customers first look, and your biggest selling tool. First impressions count in the minds of potential customers. You can’t make a second “first” impression.

Free Websites

Though it is tempting to use a free website builder and hosting, it may not be in your best interest. Cash output is a major concern for any startup. Free has a nice appeal to it.

The main problem is will it portray the professional image you need for your company? Most free builders and hosts will have items to make them free. Ads, popups, and the odd domain name may deter many new customers from taking you seriously.

You can also forget about custom scripts to stress features and products. Free websites may be good for testing the waters. If you are trying to sell products from the website they may be the wrong choice.469208c073c8831639b7c1a2503cafd8

Professional Website Design

Professional website designers can make you a website to work for you. Yes, it will cost some money to have it done professionally. The main advantages are it frees your time from doing it and you will end up with a better product. A more professional representation of your company.

When designing a website it is vital to make sure all the bases are covered. Mobile, responsive, and eye catching are at the top of the list. Your website only has a few seconds to catch your customers eye and entice them to stay and see what you have.

Are you using the right content for SEO purposes? In other words, will the search engines find your website? It is not much good if your website isn’t seen by anyone is it?

If you think you can do all this yourself or don’t need anything “fancy”, free may be the way to go.

Your Websites Purpose

Either way you decide, the main purpose of your website is to attract new business. So before you hire the new web design firm or do it yourself; you need to make some decisions. What do you want your website to tell the customers about your company?

Will you get leads from it or sell the product or service right then? Each has a different strategy and design. You need a design that will “convert”. A conversion is getting the desired result from your site. This can be a lead, sale, or whatever job the site is to do.

So how do you know how well your site will convert? A good question. A professional web design company will be able to do an A/B test to make sure you have the most bang for the buck.

So what is an A/B test you ask? You are pitting one design against another. It is vital to compare apples to apples to see how well your site converts. Some customers to one website, while others to another.

It is like a death match between two sites. sounds exciting doesn’t it? In the end one will come out victorious and the other will fade into oblivion. This testing can (and should) be done to either an existing site or a new one.

You can see, in real time, which site does better. It will also help answer vital questions about your site. Are people staying to see your content? Are you targeting the right demographic? Are people clicking on what you want clicked?

This is where the professional firm will be the most help to you. They have experience in building a wide variety of websites and should know what you need. They can help you decide which site design will work best for your company.

Without A/B testing you have no idea if your website is doing it job or not. It is not an easy “do it yourself” type thing. It lets your customers speak to you through their actions. You can see what they are interested in by what they click and read.

You Have To Choose

Now you have a bit more insight into the importance of some web design features, you have decisions to make. If you can handle the design, SEO, A/B testing, and making sure it all gets done – a “do it yourself free solution” may be for you. If you choose to go with a professional firm, you have some idea what you need to talk about.

Either way, your website is the most important piece of “real estate” you own. You just need to make sure it is ready to work for you.